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May 17, 2010 by

Two years ago, I didn’t have a shred of doubt regarding my technological abilities.  I majored in something that requires you to keep up with the media and technology, and I really enjoy checking out the latest gadgets.  No one wants to become the person who relies on 20 yr. old technology simply because they refuse to learn new things.  No one wants a record player instead of an iPod.  Unfortunately, it seems as though my life heads that direction more and more lately…against my wishes!  It’s almost like I possess some kind of internal magnet that destroys every gadget, every electronic device, every thing I own that includes a computer chip, battery or electric power.  Or, more likely, there’s a giant cloud of meth smoke hovering over Goofy Ridge and THAT is what’s causing all my troubles.  Seriously, this is the one time I’d hedge my bets on the Ridge Rats.

I compiled the following list of things that have gone bad spontaneously, through no fault of my own, in just the last year:

1. Bluetooth in the Pilot: worked fine since I bought the car, then one day I get in and it will not connect to any phone call…but phone’s GPS connects just fine. 
2. The Camry: we drove to Lombard to visit Adam’s brother and sister-in-law, everything worked great.  We get home, park the car in the garage, realize we pulled in too far, go back to the car to turn it on and back up…car won’t start.  Battery’s dead.
3. Bluray: got a new movie for Christmas, put it in, bluray needs to update, but can only do so through the internet, which it can’t connect to.  After TWO HOURS of dicking around with the stupid thing, it finally works, problem solved…until this weekend when it suddenly will play movies…so long as you can read lips, because there’s no sound.
4-7. Router, modem, kitchen TV and kitchen directv box: lightning struck the house and ruined all of them.  I know this because I picked up the modem and it sounded like a can of sprinkles.
8.   Office TV and Wii: Props to both Samsung and Nintendo on this one, because the tv’s issue was repaired within 2 weeks and Nintendo mailed us a new Wii in 4 days.
9. Blackberry Tour: Still working on this one.  It sends texts 3x to some people, and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why it chooses specific people.  It also clicks before the phone’s about to ring or receive a text.  Verizon gave me a new phone, but now it’s back to its old tricks.  Whatever.
10.  Laptop
11. Ipod: Miraculously, once I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, the old iPod worked perfectly.
12. Hot tub
13. Lawnmower

And, last but not least, 14. THE HIGHLANDER…do i really need to explain what went wrong with Toyota this year? 🙂  Needless to say, I’m glad I ended up with the Pilot!

Lord only knows what is happening around here, but I think I better hold off on purchasing any new appliances, gadgets, etc. for awhile!  Good thing shoes can’t go bad! 🙂

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