The Parent Dump

Oct 25, 2011 by

Mom and Dad stopped by for Game 4 this weekend and performed what I like to call “The Parent Dump.”  Every adult not currently living with their parents is familiar with this little trick.  If it were part of the dictionary it would look something like this:

-The Parent Dump thee pair-uh nt dummp (noun)

1. A ceremonious removal of now-adult offspring’s childhood treasures which the now-adult offspring no longer treasures, from the parents home to the offspring’s home, where they now have space to store it…in a box, in the corner, in the dark, in the basement.

2. One of the highlights of a parent’s life.


Only Mom and Dad added a little twist.  They mixed in things that are actually THEIRS with things that are unwanted mine.  Mixed in with my Lutheran Hymnal (part of EVERY child’s treasures…right?), my yearbook from senior year of HS, and my Small Catechism (no more memory verses for me, thankyouverymuch), I found the following books:

-Hide or Seek (HIDE! THEYRE AWAKE!)

-6 Part Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children (wine. earplugs. television. babysitters. rum. Wait…that’s only five?  More rum.)

-Growing a Healthy Home  (Without McDonald’s)

-Children at Risk  (Finding the Needle in the Ball Pit)

-Parenting Isn’t For Cowards  (SHIT!!!!)

And my personal favorites:

-The Strong-Willed Child (Mom actually said this was my book.  I told her I’d never seen it before.  She said no…I got it BECAUSE of you.  Hmm.)

-How to Live With Your Children When You’ve Already Lost Your Mind  (I can skip this one, I already know the answer.  Wine.)


I think they are trying to send me a message.

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