The Sheriff’s Report Strikes Again

Aug 18, 2009 by

I know people might be getting sick of hearing about the Sheriff’s Report, but it brings me so much joy that I can’t help reposting.

When I moved to this area, I thought the locals were pretty much anti-police. As these “complaints” pile up, however, I’m starting to wonder if maybe the exact opposite is true.

All of these complaints are taken from The Mason County Democrat’s 8-19 issue.

8-4, 11:14 pm, Forest City: prowler or something is smacking the house. (Perhaps a tree branch? I love the prowler “or something” is “smacking” the house. I don’t imagine too many burglars –or “somethings”–go around smacking the house to alert you of their presence…)

8-5, 9:02 am, Rural Havana: cows on the road. (Does it mean I’ve lived here too long if cows on the road doesn’t seem like a worthwhile issue for the police to handle?)

8-6, 5:54 pm, Rural Easton: report a man walking on the road. (Again…what’s the problem?)

These last few I just think are funny.

8-8 10:07 am, Mason City: theft- an ash tray (Looks like we’ve got a crime spree on our hands, people!)

8-9 at 12:07 am, Rural Topeka: complaint about people talking (Oh no! Not talking! Those felonious bastards!)

8-9 at 5:57 pm, Mason City: Theft of $20, when the subject was confronted about she was chased with a bat (Ben Folds says, give me my money back, you bitch!)

8-10 at 7:24 pm, Mason City: animal complaint- dying squirrel in yard (There are no words.)

Surely the police officers have better things to do than run the gut wagon, right?

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