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Adam and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary yesterday.  Thank you all for the kind Facebook comments and well wishes.  I commented with all the cliches, “time flies,” “it feels like yesterday,” “I can’t believe it’s been three years,” and etc.  Although they are all true, they’re kind of boring.  Instead of rehashing the same dull cliches, here’s a highlight reel from January 19, 2008.

-Busting the zipper on my wedding dress as soon as I sat down at the head table…because it was -4 degrees outside and now I was inside and it was “hot.”
-The reception manager’s face when I asked if she could turn on the A/C due to it being so “hot.”
-Kristin crying in the bathroom…because she was afraid the winery was “out of wine.”
-Sleepke passed out in the Tahoe for most of the reception, despite it being -4 degrees.
-Adam hamming it up during the vows, making sure everyone heard him repeat “For richer OR POORER.”
-Friend of the family being so drunk she ate pizza after it fell face-down on the floor.
-Mom hearing “Baby Got Back” for the first time and declaring it her favorite song ever.

-And, most importantly, a big thank you to all our friends and relatives who, despite the weather, very long drives, beauty pageants, the flu, morning sickness and being almost 9 months pregnant, still made it to celebrate with us.

Now, as great as our wedding day was, everyone knows that the longer you’re married, the more likely it is that the “honeymoon is over.”  (You knew I couldn’t leave out the best cliche of all!)

Here is how we’ve spent our first few anniversaries:
-Honeymoon: Aruba
-1st Anniversary: Galena, bed and breakfast, skiing, drinking wine and relaxing
-2nd Anniversary: Celebrated ahead of time by going back to Aruba over New Year’s

Anniversary three…a little different.  The weekend before, we headed to Bloomington to visit with friends and meet a new baby.  The day before our anniversary, we went to Champaign for an Illini game and spent three hours on a slick, ice- and snow-covered road trying to get home.  We were tired.

Day of our anniversary:
-Discuss making a reservation at Biaggi’s in Bloomington
-Decide we are losers and tired of driving
-Discuss where to eat instead
-Decide Grizzly’s is not romantic
-Decide to put on sweatpants, make homemade pizza and watch American Idol
-Realize how many commercials American Idol has this year, switch to Hardcore Pawn instead
-Watch AI on DVR, complain about commercials and judge’s judging ability (Did you SEE the first two who made it to Hollywood?  YIKES.)
-Go to bed.

We rock. 

Side note: In case anyone missed it, a big congratulations goes out to Nicole S. for her winning comment in last week’s Shutterfly giveaway.  Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.

We are leaving soon for the Bahamas (celebrating our anniversary in less loser-like fashion) so I will be away from the blog for awhile.  Hopefully, Adam, Homer Gene and I will return tanned (except HG) and refreshed! 

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  1. MarkD60

    Nice post! I got here pressing the "Next Blog" button.
    My wife and I are coming up on our second anniversary!

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