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This weekend was G$’s big birthday party.  We had a fabulous time and he demolished his cake in true G$ fashion.


One thing I noticed during the party was EVERY SINGLE MOM had something in common.  The party started at 4 pm on Saturday, yet each mom I saw and/or talked to mentioned they were tired, yawned, complained about being exhausted from chasing the kids, etc.  Granted, it was over 100 degrees that day, and that’s enough to make anyone tired, but this was different.


It’s not the first time I’ve noticed this phenomenon.  Seems like, lately, any time I get together with other moms, we are always exhausted.  And it doesn’t matter whether it’s SAHMs or moms who work full-time, moms who breastfeed or moms who don’t, moms of newborns or moms of kindergarteners.  Always.tired.


Do men have this problem?  Most of them work full-time.  They’re parents too.  But they always seem to be able to relax and drink beer when they get together with their man friends.  Maybe they’re talking about how tired they are while they hit the Bud Light, I don’t know.  But I doubt it.


Is it possible that women need to take a page from the “man book” and just sit back and relax?  Let our husbands/significant others take over once in a while?  Is it possible that we can take a break once in a while and know that all the work will get done, the kids will get taken care of and the house will still be standing?  I think yes.


Now the real question is HOW do you do this?  How do you learn to let go of the reins for a bit and maybe, just maybe, take a nap?


P.S. If you’re going to comment on this post, know that I’m not a fan of women who think it’s cool to get together with other women just to bash their husbands/men in general.  I’m not sure why that’s suddenly become “cool.”  So save it.  🙂



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