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Jun 12, 2012 by

Lately, I’m really learning (the hard way) to be careful what I wish for when it comes to G$.


One of G$’s favorite toys is my iPhone.  Obviously, it’s a pricey phone and I try to keep it away from him as much as possible…but sometimes I can’t.  I saw him playing with it earlier, but I was making lunch and not paying attention to where he put it.


We are a landline-free household and for the most part it works out very well.  But, then there are situations like this afternoon where I spent almost an hour of G$’s naptime searching for that damn phone.  There’s no way I could call it without a landline or additional cell phone, so my search took much longer than necessary.


Not even a week ago, I was thinking about how tired I am of picking up G$’s toys, picking up the dog’s toys, picking up G$’s toys that the dog has sniped and hidden in her toy basket, picking up the dog’s toys that G$ stole, etc.  But complain no longer…guess where I found the phone?


G$’s toy box.


He’s getting a little too smart for me.  Obviously he knew that the last place I would look for a “toy” is the toy box.  Duh.

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