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Have you ever tried to have a garage sale? How about a garage sale while you’re still drunk from the night before? Welcome to my Saturday morning. It was not pretty. God bless Jan for coming over and helping out (aka saving my ass)! I forgot to get change, forgot to get a cash box, forgot to set an alarm to wake up and show up…though I miraculously did wake up in time…and the list goes on. Wow. We did make $300 though, so that was awesome…especially considering 95% of the stuff is still there! I guess I’ll be having another sale, hopefully a sober one.

I went to Target this afternoon to pick up a bookshelf that my husband INSISTED would fit in the trunk of my Camry last night (nevermind the fact that it’s over 6 ft. tall), despite my protests to the contrary…needless to say, I was right. Not really a sweet victory when I’m the one who has to go back to Peoria and pick it up. Whatever. Since I used to work there in high school, there are still several people who recognize me when I stop by. Usually, this is a good thing. Today, one of them asked me if I was pregnant. UNBELIEVABLE! On a positive note, at least they thought I’d put a crib on hold (instead of a bookshelf) and that’s why they were asking, but apparently, until I clarified, Target was all abuzz with the status of my ovaries. Target gossip. Some things never change.

Weak stomached individuals (Ty!) stop reading here.

Speaking of my ovaries, I’m now using the ring, and it’s not bad at all. Insertion was a little awkward, but not terrible. You truly cannot feel it, which I honestly did not expect. No suicidal thoughts, puking, blood clots, or terrible migraines so far! Thank God. We’ll see how the removal goes in a couple weeks. Still think that could be a tad not fun. Oh well.

South Beach did not go super great last week. Still lost .2 lbs…but it should have been more. Perhaps it had something to do with my drunken binge at the Stag. Moron.

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