White Trash Wednesday

Mar 31, 2010 by

We’ve all seen them.  They look like they belong on the esteemed pages of PeopleofWalmart.com.

Today, I bring you further photographic evidence that Ridge Rats are everywhere. 

This beauty was seen in the Pekin GameStop parking lot.  I know it’s hard to see, but the vehicle had black and white stickers in a semi-straight line down the side that read “I’m in love with a boy from Illinois.”  Particularly interesting was that there weren’t any women inside the GameStop and all of the employees were straight as an arrow.  Which I’d guess means someone had to drive their girlfriend’s car to work?  Bet that was a looooooooooong day at the GameStop.  Then again, whoever it was is probably the only one who’s ever kissed a girl, since the staff looked like they all lived in their mothers’ basements.
The next two pictures are so…beautiful, they’re almost beyond words.  Well, actually, I have two words:  HOT. MESS.
This turd on wheels was seen in the Davenport Sam’s parking lot.  Why does it not surprise me that whoever drives this vehicle would buy food in bulk?  You don’t have to be an FBI profiler to know that the person who drives this vehicle is an overweight single woman.  But seriously, how much do you want to bet there are fast food wrappers all over the floor of this trainwreck?  Pretty sure it’s against the rules to drive this thing if you’re not single.  And I’m also pretty sure driving this seals your dating fate forever.  Cats it is!  I really enjoyed the custom sticker job and custom pink bumper, running boards and light covers.  What kind of sick freak would even accept a job like customizing a Ford to this level of horror?  If it weren’t for the striking motto on the back window, I might think it was driven by a child molester.  After seeing the first photo, I half expected the back to say “Free Candy!” 
And you know I cannot go without mentioning the EPIC grammar fail.  Everyone see it?  On the “motto?” “Chic” is French and is an out-dated fashion term meaning stylish. It’s pronounced “sheek.” 
The word she was actually looking for is “chick.”  Way to go, moron.
Ridge Rats abound.  Keep your eyes peeled and send me more photos of 4-wheeled nightmares. 

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  1. Katy

    Wowsers! Good luck ever trading that in because she sure as well won't be able to sell it….

  2. Lauren

    But Katy, what would ever make you want to sell a masterpiece?

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