Stitch Fix…Again.

Jul 14, 2016 by

I took a break from Stitch Fix to save money this year.  But when the time came for extended-family photos, I realized my wardrobe was sadly lacking. I went back to Stitch Fix with a quite detailed list including what the color scheme was, how many people would be in the photos, the types of outfits I was looking for, etc. What I received actually made me laugh. I thought it was for someone else. I don’t know what happened with that fix but the stylist clearly missed the mark. I’m not knocking SF; I’ve never had a bad experience until now.

So I decided to give them another chance. This fix was much closer to what I wanted, except the stuff either didn’t fit quite right or was not quite my style.  Here are some examples:



This one was cute other than it was so wide, it might’ve belonged to the big top tent.

And I don’t know why the cut out is over your bra strap.  Guess I’m getting old, because I don’t get it.

Oh well, I tried something new.


This one I really liked but it wasn’t available in the smaller size I needed.  Bummer, dude.


I liked these pants, but they were too short and (as you can probably see from the freakin’ moon) they gave me the world’s worst muffin top.  No thank you.


This bag is what had me cracking up.  Never in my life would I choose this hippie canvas bag.  The bag I actually wanted (from their own Pinterest page) is below.  SF8

Love stripes but these two bags are not interchangeable. Yikes!


Ok, this dress is not that bad. However, it is not at all what I asked for. Again. They added the fact that I like nautical styles to my Stitch Fix account profile and I guess the stylist took it super literally, as the print here is boats.  Dear Lord, no. Also, it has no waist.  I made a collage of all 3 dresses below.


The dress on the left is from their Pinterest page as well.  The middle dress is what they sent me the first time, a heavy, knit, cap sleeved, pastel periwinkle embossed monstrosity.  The dress on the right is the “nautical” boat print dress.  Please, Jesus, let the next fix be better!

I am giving Stitch Fix one more shot. I really hope they can help me this time.

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  1. Amanda Teachworth

    Hey Lauren…I pretty much threw a dart in the ole Google search…and came up with your blog…I have some questions about pop corn and how to possibly order direct…I know it is not a comment on your clothes which pretty much look amazing…

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