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It’s here!!!!! 

(Yes, FINALLY, I know, I know.)

Thanks to the wonderful, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL and talented Holly at HolleHock Designs, Inc., I have a new site, a new web address, a new design and a new lease on (blog) life!  How awesome does the site look now?!  I love it! 

Here are a few notable changes:

-New web address: 

Mark your favorites ladies and gents…I am now the master of my own (blog) domain!  No more blogspot!

-New ways to receive updates when this blog is updated…

I get a lot of questions about this.  There are a few options for receiving updates. 

1. Be our Facebook Friend and updates will post in your news feed.  A link to sign up is located on the right side of our home page.

2. Use an RSS feed.  If you aren’t sure what an RSS feed is, or how to use it, please let me know and I will be happy to help you.  To add us to your RSS feed, go to the right side of the home page ( and find “Subscription Options” and click the orange RSS button.

3. Follow us on Twitter, and updates will post in your timeline.  To add us on Twitter, click the blue Twitter bird button under “Subscription Options.”

4. Email.  One of the things I’m most excited about is that you all have the option to receive updates via email.  In order to sign up for this, head to the right side of the home page, about half way down, and click the green envelope button.  It’s very easy and you don’t need to be on Facebook or Twitter to use it.

-New page for Goofy Pop Popcorn! 

Ask and ye shall receive!  This is especially important for you out-of-town Goofy Pop lovers.  Contact us for popcorn pricing and sales!

But back to Holly at HolleHock Designs.  This blog would NOT be possible without her helpful, patient (lots of patience required with an ADD pregnant woman, let me tell you!) and HILARIOUS guidance.  She busted ass to get this site done on time and looking great, without much assistance from me whatsoever.  If I can relinquish the control reins and live to tell you about it, you know she must be kick ass, right?  🙂

And, how could I forget?  She designed the new Growing on Goofy logo too!  Isn’t it adorable?!  Love! 

If anyone is in the market for website, logo or any other graphic design/marketing needs, I cannot recommend Holly enough.  You can contact her here: HolleHock Designs, Inc.

If you love the new site design as much as I do, share this blog with all your friends!  Orrrrrrr you could just leave me some comment love.  Lord knows I LOVE compliments. 😉

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